Slow download speeds FIX!

Since i built my PC I had been getting download speeds that were fine on every other platform (steam, origin, epic games etc…) I have consistent 500/500 mbps speeds with my fios provider. Blizzard was downloading games in the 900 kbps range. No matter what I did worked, and I checked every forum, reddit post you name it. I finally figured out what it was, and my speeds IMMEDIATELY jumped to over 60 M/Bps. If anyone hasn’t tried, open up task manager, and in the background processes portion, i found two random processes labeled ransomware defender. Ended those two tasks and it was an immediate fix. Hopefully this helps anyone else having slow download speeds when they pay for high speeds.

Yeah they just don’t offer enough server capacity, simply saving money.

I’ve also got a 500 Mbit line here in Germany and getting 2 MB/s on Warzone updates every single time.

While Steam always gives me 33 MB/s…

Aside of that I checked the traffic, it’s trying to download from “eu cdn blizzard com” but fails, then sometime later it fallsback to 2x “level3 blizzard com”

FIX that download speed. It’s hilarious how you say in other discussions that you are investigating it and search for a solution. Just spend the money. If you have to start the pc in the morning or let it run over night just to play at the evening sucks.