Situation in Ukraine has effect on my gaming experience

Gamemaster Vongrut forwarded me to this forum, but none of the categories to choose from actually correspond to my request. Maybe you can forward this to the relevant team, thanks!

I filed a ticket, because some days ago I reactivated my World of Warcraft subscription to play WoW Classic TBC and I enjoyed some Alterac Valley matches. But, unfortunetaly, I can’t enjoy matches against Russian players at all. Seeing them, especially with their unique Cyrillic names, always reminds me of the serious crimes Russia is committing in Ukraine right now and the grave impact this has even on my life, let alone the local people. For me, playing WoW should be a welcome distraction from real-life problems, rather than a reminder of them.

I understand that Blizzard is doing business in Russia and that this is not affected by ongoing sanctions. However, I would like to kindly ask you not to let Russian players play with players from other countries. Or technically speaking, that the algorithm for finding an opposing team should not consider Russian servers.

Of course, I could quit playing Alterac Valley, but I’d rather enjoy the best (in my humble opinion) battleground.