Single Player Rune Words

Are the Arreat Summit pages on which rune words are (un)available in single player mode still correct? I ask because I have found several unique items in SP which AS says are “Ladder Only.”

  • Seraph’s Hymn amulet says “Ladder Only,” but dropped for me in SP on local machine.

  • Ditto for Gheed’s Fortune grand charm (found two of these in SP)

  • Also Djinn Slayer atagan

I don’t want to risk rare runes on a word that won’t work, but it would be nice to know if some of these do work. Is there a place to find up to date info on availability?


The only unique items you are not able to (legitimately) get in single player are the Annihilus and the Hellfire Torch charms.

If the runeword is listed under “Ladder Only” on The Arreat Summit, then it will not work in single player. Example: The runeword Spirit (TalThulOrtAmn) will not work in single player.

Thanks for the clarification.

Only “original rune words” work in single player

Not true. 24 of 1.10 patch work and all of 1.11 patch work.

What happened to your post count?

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Stealth is great for all casters to start.
ignore spirit comments below (4 diamonds in shield)
Leaf is good for any fire class until NM ACT 4.

I suggest google searching “arreats summit” and checking runewords for yourself ladder only are unable to made on single player.

I tried to make a rhyme in single player today. Didn’t work. I thought that was a an original Runeword? Shael eth

What did you socket it in, exactly?

Rune words will not work in socketed magic items, such as “Mechanics” or “Jewelers” items.