Simple Advice to Combat Botting (Classic WoW)

Blizzard, if you want to take care of your monthly subscription model for classic WoW, then you ought to try a little harder to combat botting. Instead of relying on your automated tools and paying for all the coding that goes into it. Why not try a simple, more intuitive approach that creates jobs by paying people to actually moderate your servers. It would take a small handful to respond to many reports of botters. They could simply observe reported players, easily determine if they are botting, then instant ban… It’s probably too much to ask to have them notify the reporter, but you can take steps to improve… It’s customer service… We have reported several botters in the short time that we have played and they are still active several weeks later… We are paying a subscription and deserve better… You can do much better than this and we are very disappointed so far. We, and many others, likely won’t stick around much longer unless you get your heads out of your … you know.