Sign in with my specific account Crashes Bnet

Bnet crashes when i hit login, and it’s specifically tied to my account.
I’ve done every method possible and they don’t work. reinstalled drivers, rolled back, scanned my pc reinstalled Bnet. Nothing worked.
Frustratingly ive tried to make contact with the support team but i am completely unable to make a support ticket at all.
I did a test and made a new account to see if that would work, and would you look at that, IT DID. I was able to log on to a brand new account and i tried a few times just to make sure.
My account specifically is bugged to the point where i can’t log on to the Bnet launcher or create a support ticket.
I need help
Edit: My error code is 20193CA6-9B17-4534-ABB9-11628247046E

Hey there DevilChowder,

The error code is showing that the problem is related to the graphics API. I’m not sure how this would only happen with a specific account but I do think we can help get it fixed.

So far most users have been able to bypass this error by using an older drivers version. If you’re not sure how to roll back graphics drivers please reply back to this thread with the specific graphics card you are using and what version the operating system is.

Hope this info helps!