Sigil of dominance bug

I’ve already donated 12 sigils and none of them are counting contribution to the immortals. I’m being directly affected by the error because I’m only 10 points behind the runner-up of the Immortals and today the Vault Chest reward is given. I have videos and prints that can prove such an error, from Blizzard.

Did you ever receive your contribution points? I just completed 9 dailies and turned in 84 sigils on Sunday and I didn’t get a single contribution point for any of it. Reset is in 30 mins and whereas I should have enough contribution to be #2 crusader on my realm this week, instead I’m far behind everyone else.

*Update: After weekly reset on Monday at 3am, my contribution points appeared in the next week’s leaderboard. It appears that any contributions earned after Sunday at midnight will go towards the next week, even though it would make much more sense for the cutoff time to be Monday at 3am.

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