Shut down the servers and sort this out!

15 hours after the reset the highest players are close to level 90 and it feels like I am not allowed to create more than one game every 10 minutes…

I can understand that you are trying several new approaches to fight cheaters and hackers but you should be honest and call this event an open beta test and not a ladder competition. This has to end now! Freeze the ladder immediately until the game is acutally playable again… Or even better: wipe the whole chart and we can start from scratch under fair circumstances!

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yes this is the minimum they should do … fix it and reset it !!

I agree… What a mess on a 15+ yr old game… sad

completely agree. 15 hours of “Your cdkey is currently in use by you!”

this is the weakest crap I have ever seen on diablo 2 and I have been playing since day 1.

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I agree that they should do a fresh restart. I do however think that they should give a two-week notice for a new reset, and use the time until then to sort out all the problems. After all it is probably easier to fix the issues with people playing and giving feedback.

Better shut down ur brain!

Thay just need to shut b net down forever and put a end to the online cesspool of cheating

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You guys just need to come play path of diablo. It is literally diablo 2 with no bots, blizzard had long since moved on from d2 they dont care. Path of diablo is where it’s at everything we all want d2 to be come try it instead of complaining about bots ladder resets jan 24th no bots there come play community continues to grow

I looked up what this “path of diablo” is and it looks like it has modifications to the gameplay mechanics, and it seems like it allows pirated clients to play the game online is that correct? Unfortunately that’s not the experience I was looking for, which is an authentic, official server with no changes.

Seeming as the actual servers have bad quality of servers, I believe I’ll stick to singleplayer