Show's I'm online always but away always

My friend brought it to my attention that I show up online on his friends list but on away stat when I’m not logged in the game at all. I don’t have the app installed on my iphone. He said it says I’m on mobile online but away. I didn’t have my password changed or account hacked. But I changed my password anyway just in case. I also or at least I think I did clicked on the log out from every where button but not sure if that does anything. ON a side note I did use the web site to log in there I think they asked for your stuff to use that to log onto there site? But i always clicked the log out from every where on that site too but I still show online on my friends account. He also said that sometimes it doesn’t say I’m on mobile app. Or at least one time.

But yeah I wasn’t logged into the game but it says I am so I’m not sure what to do.