Shepherd Necromancer Set bonus 6/6 does not work properly

Hi, I just finished collecting the full set of Shepherd on my necromancer and I was so happy to be done with the hunt for it. My happiness quickly diminished when I set off to test the set and see how powerful it is.
In first 30 seconds I observed 2 things - first and foremost, the damage buff component does not work and is not applied to any buffed summon with the effect triggered - tested on skeleton, mage and golem - no damage buff. There is only attack speed buff applied which works on mages and golem but I have my doubts about effect on skeletons. Is it outdated tooltip and no damage is to be applied or there is bug with the set?
Also the overall functionality is lackluster and not thought through. The way it now behaves is very random. Now once any of your summons crit it buffs only active summons. If you happen not to have golem or mages up, there is no effect applied after you summon them as the internal CD has been triggered. In open world or pvp, the effect is usually wasted. Only scenario where you can set it up is just before boss fight starts which is rather disapointing - it should rather work on individual summon basis that each summon has its own internal CD. That way all the summons can benefit from the effect when they crit and not just randomly.


I have the same issue, fix pls

Doubt blizzard will care to fix this considering that seeping bile have been bugged on minions since release not applying.
Same for Blood Soaked Jade not applying it’s bonus damage increase to minions every other gem with same text for damage increase also recommended in the summoner build in game works on minions just not the blood soaked jade for whatever reason.

Please fix this issue blizzard thanks

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