SHAME X3 since you won't let me use the same word 3 times

It’s insanely sad how miserably you guys have dealt with Heroes of the Storm. You used to put out new and quality content at breakneck speeds, but you’ve given up on a project because your greed and puppy dog attitude towards your new masters has made you weak and pathetic. Be ashamed, for the strength of your namesake has been weakened by time and pestilence. Your last hero was Hogger, and he was really well designed and you’ve stopped at a critical moment. You were on the verge of creative genius, and it’s just a God damned shame that you were too mixed up in sexual assault charges that you forgot what made your games and company great. Shame, shame, shame… Rethink your position on this game and your existence in general. Please bring this game and others that you’ve given up on another shake. You’ve got the talent and the resources to do so. Waiting with baited breath. GO ON.


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as Diablo II (2000).

Heroes of the Storm has its own forums and you need to use those for anything related to HotS. For comments on the game, the correct forum is usually the General Discussion forum… here:

Best of luck in your games !