Shaman DF Changes. My ideas

LMT should be easier to get on right side of the tree. and not on last row.

LMT should be effected by flash of lightning like Call of the Elements.

LMT should either do more damage or change in what it does.

New LMT. LMT spreads/refreshes flame shock to 6 targets in a 10 yrd radius. for duration. dealing no damage. and maybe maybe flame shock tick faster for each time its refreshed.

choice node prim fury and ancestral wolf affinity shouldn’t be on the tree. get rid completely.

Flow of Power should be baseline.

Swelling Maelstrom should be baseline.

2 point nodes in last part of tree should be 1 point nodes.
(GS, EE, Rolling Magma, Echo Chamber, Oath of the Far Seer, Magma Chamber, and Searing Flames)

Ideas for the Nodes- GS 120% 1 point. EE stays 10% 1 point. Rolling Magma .3 at 1 point. Echo Chamber 10% at a point.
Oath of the Far Seer 10% at 1 point. Magma Chamber .7% but is a choice node with Searing Flames 1 point with 2 maelstrom per tick.

No one is going to take Improved flame tongue weapon if an enchant cant also be put on weapon like in SL.
So change this or get rid of it.

Magma chamber into WSLR and SBFD is not great for single target.

Put Refreshing waters and Prim bond choice node where prim fury and ancestral wolf affinity choice node is.

Move up Lava Surge 1, move Call of fire to Lava Surge was, Move up Flames of Cauldron where Call of fire is.
Move echo of elements where flames of the cauldron is.
Move LMT and Prim Ele where echo of elements is.

New Talent. Lava burst Bounces to up to 3 additional targets 10yrd radius (does not bounce if a the target doesn’t have flame shock.)
This goes where improved flame tongue is.

New Talent. Echo of the Elementals (BFA) - When your Storm Elemental or Fire Elemental expires, it leaves behind a Spark or Ember Elemental to continue attacking enemies for 30 seconds.
Where Prim Ele/LMT is.

New Talent. Volcanic Inferno. (Legion) Lava Burst has a chance to open a volcanic fissure under your target, dealing (6 * (15% of Spell power)) Fire damage over 6 sec to all enemies within 3 yds of the target.
Where Searing Flames is.