Shadowlands Review

It is starting to feel like Shadowlands is slowly turning towards some of the practices of BFA, I just wanted somewhere to vent and air out my complaints (which the support site seems to lack) at feeling like I am being forced to play aspects of the game that I just plainly do not like. It made BFA unenjoyable as avoiding the aspects I did not like had too severe of an impact on the aspects that I did enjoy. Shadowlands has been quite an enjoyable expansion once I could avoid the Maw and Torghast. This new patch however seems entirely focused on forcing players to delve into those unsavory aspects which has had many of the people I play with either shift to Classic or just play other games which do not try to force them to play aspects they do not like, because thats just it. If the parts that they dont find fun gets too much in the way of having fun on the game, the game ceases to be fun and they stop playing. Maybe things will turn around after the painful period where my friends and I are forced within the maw and torghast passes, but with the next raid tier within the maw many people I play with are angry and I am not sure if I want to stick around to see if it is as bad as it initially looks.

I saw your other post about having issues navigating the Blizzard websites to find the right forums for feedback.

The “generic” ones here, which include feedback about the Support Site (this forum) are not for specific game feedback.

There are two main means of providing feedback for WoW as detailed in the Support Article on it.

It has the link to the WoW Forums (I double checked and it is correct!) and also instructions for how to use the in-game feedback/suggestion tool.

Sadly no WoW Community Managers come to the Support Feedback site and the folks who do gather Support Website feedback have no interactions with the games teams. So you may want to select the most relevant WoW sub-forum to post your thoughts.