Shadowlands - Fail

I am extremely disappointed in the pre-expansion. All of the reworks have screwed up most class abilities.Classes that were strong are now neutered. Some skills are received at an earlier level but cant be used till a higher level… i.e overpower…you get at level 12 but it cant be used till 14. All the dungeons had order before, now they are just random with the expansion you select. You squished the player level but the crafting levels are way to high. Most people don’t care about the skills and the order that they come because of the level cap that they have reached, but new players and vets starting a new toon it is terrible. Another example. Prot Warrior have no ability to gain aggro in the early dungeons as his stomp comes later. This expansion is so bad to me it makes me sick, and i have been playing since the start of BC. The saddest thing about all of this is this email may be read but ultimately going to be deleted. I am now seeing the end of this game…

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