Shadowlands Expansion is overpriced

I’m super salty about the pricing for the new xpac. I get $40 for the base game, that’s been the way it goes for a few expansions, doing two different ‘Collector’s Editions’ just seems like a cash grab. And not only that, but splitting up the rewards that were in the previous Collector’s Edition just so players have to buy the “Epic” edition to get both is super rude. You can say that the game time makes up for the extra money involved, but the Xpacs came with game time for a reasonable price before.
I don’t know if I’ll be buying the new expansion at all now, because I’ve bought the Collector’s Editions for every Expansion since I started (I don’t have Vanilla or BC, because I started just before Wrath), and this is just too much. I feel insulted.

I agree with the statement that the Expansion is overpriced., but not for the reasons that you give. I feel that it is overpriced because of how terrible it is. It isn’t stable, no real support, it was baloney that you are made to sign a social agreement, before you can play and after you have purchased the expansion, that should have been made known up front. The game has become worthless and after this time expires, I am so out of here. Blizzard destroyed the game, during the original WOTLK and can’t figure out how to do it right. Enough of wasting my time and money on a game that is no longer worth playing. Good luck to all of you that stick it out.