Shadowlands Collector's Edition - credit or not?

When the pre-purchase option was available for Shadowlands, I purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition. Now the Collector’s edition is available on the Blizzard store for pre-purchase with all the same goodies plus some. I don’t see spending almost $200 USD (combined for the digital version and the new CE) for double of what I already have just for some minor extras. Will there be some sort of refund/credit for those of us who bought the digital deluxe and now want to upgrade to the collector’s edition?

Hi Wrexhavik,

Like you, I purchased the Digitual Deluxe Edition and questioned if we’ll be credited the cost if we buy the Collector’s Edition. The answer is ‘yes’. You’ll be credited the cost of the Digital Deluxe Edition after you register the Collector’s Edition. The only catch is we have until a certain date to register the collector’s edition to receive the credit.

Thanks. In the past Blizzard had made a public comment about this and not just us browsing the forums looking for an answer. Have a great day and be safe!