Shadow Wars, less than 40 clans joining

On our server (fara) this week less than 40 shadow clans have registered for the shadow war, so there are not 10 groups, but only 9.

This already happened last week, and it is important because both last week and this week there was rite of exile, last week there were only 8 groups and somehow the system selected two weak clans to complete the 10 clans that go to the rite.

We would like to know what criteria is followed to fill these gaps when there are less than 40 clans registered, it is important because these weak clans give a clear advantage to the immortals against the shadows.

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Exactly same situation happened on our server Archbishop Lazarus. They were only 7 brackets and to seven winners were added 3 very poor clans. So the situation before rite of exile was : 3/8 people from one clan, 4/8 people from second and 0/8 from third clan. So basically we loose 3 games before rite started. I checked this 3 clans in shadow wars and they send only 2-3 people for it. So no surprise, that they cant find 8 people for rite.

How can you do it better?

  1. Pickup for rite of exile clans from top 10 leaderboards and don’t choose it from shadow war. Its bigger chance, that this clans will have enough people for rite.
  2. Or pickup winners of each bracket and add to them top ranked clans registered to shadow wars. Again is better chance for top ranked clans to have people for rite.
  3. Or merge servers

Another good idea from sports is, that make brackets according clans leaderboard. Like if they are 7 brackets, situation should be :
bracket 1 - top1 clan, top 8 clan, top 15 clan, top 22 clan
bracket 2 - top2 clan, top 9 clan , top 16 clan, top 23 clan

bracket 7 - top 7 clan, top 14 clan, top 21 clan, top 28 clan
Because in some brackets were only poor clans coming to shadow war with 3 people and if they win, then can’t find enough people for rite.

they are going to do server merging soon, so don’t fret.

Soon, or Blizzard soon? :slight_smile:

Bump. Server merge plz.

Bump, server merges plzzzzz

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