Shadow War Time Change?

Shadow War Fights have always been on Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 7pm. Last Saturday (the 17th), The fight had already concluded by 6:30pm. There was no pop-up notification to navigate to the area or any kind of announcement to state the time change. Did anyone else experience this? Was this a silent change?

I believe I read, a while back, in the “info/details” section of Shadow War, that the higher ranked clan can select the desired time for the war.

It’s possible that you’ve just coincidentally always had 7 p.m. selected for your war time. I’d suggest reading the details under Shadow War to verify if this is the case!


each time we see the brackets for shadow war, it clearly states Thursday 19:00 for the first fight and Saturday 19:00 for the final fight. Cant see them having a feature for them to choose a desired time for a war. that just seems like something that would be abused fast.

Valas is correct.

When the Clan Lead registers, they choose a preferred time. Default is 6p server.

MOST clans seem to choose 7p. But there are exceptions. The highest rank clan gets preference in time selection. Probable that most clan have 7p, by choice or happenstance.

It’s also possible that you are paired with lower clans, and this you dictate battle timing?


tbh, im not sure. My clan tends to be within the top 10 of shadow clans each time.