Shadow War Glitch

my clan suffered an issue where all of us at least in main battle were unable to deal damage for a long time. it looked like lag but it lasted about 20 seconds. during that time the opponent immortal basically took no damage and we were unable to recover. on my screen I could see my character attacking but no projectiles or damage numbers were being produced. i have seen other descriptions on this forum that sounds like same issue but no resolution. please investigate

I was lagged 100% of the battle. Couldn’t move, then jumped around end to end. Abilities could not be used. Then they would activate 5-10 sec later with no immortal around. Chased immortal with no clan-mates even close by.

Same issues here. There was an immediate 20 second lag followed by times when it appeared as if I was the only one chasing Immortal while I could see the rest of the clan fighting nothing. Skills used against the Immortal during this produced no damage at all. Deciding to run back to clan there was apparently no Immortal, so
I ran back to the lone Immortal and kept attempting to fight him. His damage never reduced. When he finally jumped back over to the other side, we continued to fight him with a stagnant damage meter for at least half a minute, maybe more.

Several clan members say they experienced same issues and described their being the only clan member they could see at the Immortal.
This was devastating to the Shadow War on an RoE weekend. Hopefully you can fix this issue as we hear other clans have experienced similar fights since the last updates.

The same but seemingly not as severe glitch occurred again. note the attacks but no projectiles or dmg numbers at times and how the enemy damage froze at times.