Shadow quest bugged


I cant join the shadows because of the following:

  • the recruiting quest hangs up at the last part where i have to speak with the mysterious guy. He just ask me if i want to join the shadows and tells me, that i’m not able to change my decision. all pre-quests done. and my blazons were taken.
  • other people cant invite me to shadows because game says im in recruiting process. but the blazon disappears at the guy which invites me.
  • I cant join the lottery again because quest isnt done.

I tried nearly everything to fix that. I spoke to every quest-giver, tried to do all steps from pre quest again. I repaired my game also, but its still the same problem. Now i dont get any blessings, no keys for iben fahd, i also lose my progress for the badge at the end of a circle… PLEASE help :frowning:


Same here. This is just rubbish.

I seem to be having the exact same issue. Any success in dealing with it?

Same i am having the exact same problem here any luck?

Same problem here as well

Is there anyway to report this bug to developer? There don’t seems to be any option to do so??

I am having the same Shadow Quest issues as well!

Same problem for me, by All accounts ingame I am adventurer (chat, options, quests). I can even join a Adventure clan. But I cant join shadows or Immortals. I have the shadows Quest done but not accepted/join.

Can you please just have a delete/reset function for this Quest. The whole thing is stupid enough to begin with, and now I am locked out of over half the content and with no option to choose what to do or who to Play with…

I picked up the advice from another thread about this and asked my clan leader to convert to a dark clan - only the leader can do this - and this morning I’m a shadow. You could try and see if this works for you.

Workaround (worked for me):

  • Click on the magnifying glass right next to the quest
  • then click on the greyed out join-button in the b ottom of the quest text
  • that will reset the whole quest and you can do the pre-quest from beginning and, finally, become a shadow.

Thx for no help Blizz, good support -.-"

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