Shadow quest bug

Hello I have a bug to report, If you press quickly the button when the game first time ask you to join the shadow clan (need 1 signet) then u do the signet donate the quest at the shadows wont continue.
Steps did…

  1. Press quickly the join button at shadow clan
  2. go to donate button at clan menu.
  3. donate the signets.
  4. close the menu.

If you do this process with NO OPENING the inventory to “learn” what are the signets and you donate them you are blocked from continuing the shadow quest and you ARE HARD blocked at the part that quest says “speak at the mysteious man” cuz u dont have any signets left

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I am having this issue as well. And there doesn’t seem to be another way to earn another signet IOT finish the quest.

I am having this problem as well, very disheartening to know that as each day passes not being able to progress as a shadow means we are falling further behind in power than those who can.

i’m having the same issue as well.


same issue, posting in all the shadow clan posts in the hopes a blue will start paying attention to this.


  1. Go to your profile and LEAVE your clan
  2. go to the mystery man at the shadow hall (not the lottery guy)
  3. open the quest menu with the magnify glass (I beleieve it works just by talking to him also)
  4. Press the GIVE SIGNET BUTTON the one thats grey out.
  5. Confirm your request than you dont have any So it will RESET THE QUEST.

I dont know if blizz intended this and leaving you clan is a small incovinience but its the best I can do


it worked thank you !

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I can’t figure out this workaround on a pc… :frowning: