Set Amulet - Slit Throat - Very low drop rate

I am playing a Barbarian.
I am trying to get my four-piece set bonus for the Grace of the Flagellant set.
The piece I am missing for this is the set amulet, Slit Throat.
Viewing details of the set, shows the following…

According to that, the amulet drops in Temple of Namari at Hell 2 difficulty or higher.

I have now run Temple of Namari (Hell 2) 78 times, usually with at least one other Barbarian in the party (as there are lots of us wanting this amulet). Not once have I seen this amulet drop, not for me and not for any other Barbarian in the party. 78 runs, with at least 2 Barbarians in the party, is effectively 150+ attempts at the amulet.

I understand RNG, drop chances, and all that jazz but, come on, 150 attempts and not one success? Did someone forget to put this amulet in the loot table for Barbarians?

I ran the dungeon 10+ times today and got two set gloves and a set belt (for other sets) so there’s definitely green loot in the table, just seemingly not this amulet.

I haven’t seen a single other Barbarian with this amulet.

Is this bugged (i.e. not in loot table) or is this just a streak of incredibly bad luck?

–==[ EDIT ]==–

It would appear it was indeed just a horrendously bad streak of bad luck.
The amulet dropped on my 84th run.

I’m way above the 100 th run still not having the amulett. In the past 2 weeks i hve done 10-20 run each day having all the other set items multiple times. Im just fed up atm

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