Servers down again nice fix

Looks like it’s down again. Server pop must went back up and undone there “fix” they completed. Lol so I’m done with this now. I am HUGE Diablo fan and have spent thousands of dollars on Diablo/blizzard items. No more. I’ll go let Bethesda take my money. So much for buying D4. Cays all

They have marketed and sold us a product that is not working. Class Action Lawsuit? It seems to be similar to some of the same things they had go wrong with WOW.

I just tried to refund my order. I know it is past the refund date. However, these are extraordinary circumstances… being sold something that is not as advertised.

Sorry, this order is not eligible for refund.

Orders purchased more than 72 hours ago are not eligible for a refund.

are you aware this is the diablo 1 forum