Server Question ( does everyone play together?) overwatch

If i play overwatch, In American servers (selected from Blizzard desktop app launcher ) do i play with ppl from Asia and Europe ? (not quickplay , Only comp ) or, am i just playing with ppl from the American servers?? cuz i see That on the leaderboards , it is all together ,

so, when i pick asia , (or Europe) it keeps me on the American servers * you can tell by pressing, Ctl+shift+N when in game. on top left, it shows “ord1” ( Even when i have it on Europe or asia ) “ord1” is an American Sever, Go here to see a list of all Server listed. unbanster(dot)com/check-change-overwatch-server/

So my question, if I get a VPN , and select Asia, IS that the only way to play against ppl on the other side of the planet? or are we all playing together now
( I’m not talking about cross-play …I’m play comp, ~ lol more ppl=faster Quee times ~ )

idk Everything i google … ,all that comes up is about quickplay … Hmm, I assume that We are all playing together??? Idk how it works … Be cool to get a dev’s answer on this

So if i switch to “asia” and i push Clt+N+Shift , i see, I’m still on American servers… what’s the point of Letting me pick What "regions " (servers) i am on? …(in/on the desktop lancher) or am i missing something here … like is this an old option that is only used for ptr now . idk , id love to hear from a dev though, or an old blizzard employ that knows how the system works.

If i had to guess , the answer is " no " U do not play with ppl on Asia , or Europe servers , just America , But the sr is all Bunch into one leaderboard ( not sure how and why they do the leaderboard like that if ppl are on different servers