Server merge broke Impact score for deeds of valor

After server merge on Throne of Destruction EU, impact score of all players was lowered e.g. from Exceptional to Very Good, because people from other servers that were “merged in” had much higher impact scores due to longer reigns (cycle) on their servers - e.g. 5, 6 weeks - compared to the cycle at the moment of merge on Throne of Destruction (3 weeks).

This shouldn’t happen as players cannot do anything about that, impact should not be lowered (just like loyalty isn’t) for those players.

Zoltan Kulle server experienced the same issue. Our reign changed 3 days before the server merge and the merged server’s reign ended at the first available rite. Everybody on the Zoltan Kulle server maxed out at 6% deeds of valor, some as low as 2%.