September Print Issue Tomb of Sargeras


The new World of Warcraft Tomb of Sargeras Limited Edition Art Print was said to ship on September 29th. It was released to purchase on Tuesday the 10th, then marked as sold out. On Sept. 11th, it was available again and more people were able to order this print. But what happened is, the people who ordered on the second day, have already received their print in the mail, or it will be delivered within a few days. And all of us who bought on the first day it still says Processing, set to ship Sept 29th. Can you please let me know what is going on with this? Why are people who ordered second, receiving their prints first? It is also supposed to be limited to 150, but I’ve seen numbers that range from 4-101, this leaves me little hope that either 1. I won’t get my print, or 2. the LE number is wrong.


same as the OP. I was a first day pre-order while people that got it on the second day already have theirs and mine is still pending. Please look into this and don’t screw over the people that ordered on day 1…


Also same as OP. Ordered right after they became available on the first day and my order is still “processing”, while people who ordered on day two have already received theirs. Something seems screwed up and I’ll be aggravated if I lose out on this due to an issue on the blizzard’s side.


I am in the exact same boat. I got a hold of someone by putting in a ticket and they said that they don’t see anything that would make my print cancel but how do you explain others getting theirs with in days and I haven’t even received last months print. There is something wrong and some answers from you Blizz would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Same as OP, 10-Sept Order also still processing.


I’m in the same boat. I reached out to a rep for the Blizzard store, and it’s not a clarified answer if I (we) will get the print or not. It would be a shame if those that ordered on the 10th are not going to get the print, but everyone that did on the 11th will.


I too ordered on the first day and my order still says processing.
There are multiple pictures on social media confirming people already receiving theirs who ordered on the second day/wave.
I opened a ticket but I am VERY concerned my order is at stake with this potentially huge error by the gear shop.
Can we have an official reply please!