[Sept 10] Unable to access or connect to Battle.net


It appears Blizzard/Battle.net has blocked Malaysian ISP Telekom Unifi DNS or IP addresses, or vice versa.

This happened since the DDOS on WoW servers 1-2 days ago.

I am able to write this now because I can access using VPN.


I’m having the same problems. Only able to connect to the website (Battlenet app is down) due to mobile data. TMNet Unifi user as well. Been happening since Sunday. It’s currently Monday 2pm (+8 GMT) here.


Thanks for your report! We’re aware of this issue impacting Malaysia, as well as a few other service providers and regions. We have a thread on the World of WarCraft forums as well about this issue.

Any updates available we’ll continue to update here as well!

EDIT: I went ahead and changed the title of the thread so we can keep things centralized for all reports!

Unable to access Battle.net with Japan "AU" internet provider

It was ok to connect from china untill yesterday afternoon from China Telecom.
Now i cannot. only with VPN , but it lags. even cannot start the launcher without vpn
Wow classic EU Russia