Sell price correctness

Hi, in the community API there has been returned the wrong sellPrice value. Meaning that it is not the same as in-game.

In the Game Data API the root object has sell_price that also does not match the in-game sell price, unless you look at the preview_item object.

Why is this? I see that this incorrectness also affects sites such as TUJ and Wowhead as well. And not just my app.

An example item would be:

  "id": 71366,
  "name": "Lava Bolt Crossbow",
  "purchase_price": 6189252,
  "sell_price": **1237850**,
  "preview_item": {
    "sell_price": {
      "value": **342220**,
      "display_strings": {
        "header": "Sell Price:",
        "gold": "34",
        "silver": "22",
        "copper": "20"

Edit: I originally thought that it only affected weapons. But it seems like it also affects armor at least. And around MOP, Cata & WOD.
Some of the tested Item IDs: 113924, 71366, 103785 etc

Interesting. So the in-game item data includes a purchase price and a sell price, which Wowhead, TUJ, and Blizzard’s item API all appear to use. I confirmed they show a sell price of 1237850 copper for item 71366. Most of the time, the purchase/vendor price of equippable items comes from some standard formula based on the slot and item level, IIRC.

However, I also seem to recall Blizzard being upset about people doing solo runs of Firelands and other old raids, vendoring all the drops, and using that as a way to make gold. (I guess they want people to play new content or something.) So they dropped the sell price of those items below their normal amount, to discourage soloing old raids as a method to earn gold. I don’t know where they hide those modified sell prices in the game data.

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They should still have made sure that the API returns the correct price value, even if they changed the sellPrice a while back for several items.

When you mention it, I seem to remember the same thing.

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There seems to be a lot of inconsistency here. Sometimes the preview_item.sell_price is accurate (50444, 71366), while other times the sell_price is correct (117379, 5616, 111475). I guess the way to handle here is to assume the lower of the two is accurate. /sigh

I even found one where neither is accurate! 111475

any news on this ?
most of sell prices are still wrong :frowning:

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no chance for a fix ?