Seeking for help, Mis ban by Battlenet

Hi guys,

My account for Call of Duty Modern Walfare was baned yesterday while I was playing the game. I am sure I did not cheat or do anything aganist the plyaer rules. I love playing FPS games, especially COD MW, which has great story and brought me so many good memories and happliness. That is why my K/D ratio is only 0.92 and I still enjoy my experience in COD MW. I raised a ticket to Blizzard and a game master believed the evidence was correct. However I know I did not cheat, how could this happen…

My Computer has Valorent’s anti-cheating software since I tought it will not make any problem anymore. I also has Minerstat and MSI Afterburner which were not runing since I played the game. I am using logitech and 8Bitdo controller to play games on my PC without drivers for them. I am using NVIDIA GPU and Geforce Experience was turned on automatically. My computer was dead during games for few times which lead to game quiting.

The reason above could be all the reasons that make the misunderstanding. I believe none of them against the players rule and are popular products or softwares for computer users.

The account be banned is one of my main emaill address, anyone could help me here can get it when contacting me. Welcoming any help here!


Hey Cruisin,

When it comes to account actions the forums is not the place to post about them. Placing an appeal ticket is what you will want to do. I do see you have one in already. Please wait for that ticket to be reviewed and an answer given.