Season 25 Issues

Hey everyone,

We’ve been working all morning trying to fix up some issue that have occurred with the legacy system since yesterday.

We’re at the point where we’re going to deploy a server fix which will bring the percentage of players hitting Failed to Join and such much lower.

We’re continuing to monitor this and will have more news throughout the day.



What’s about a new reset? There are people that couldn’t play a single minute in this new season. :confused:

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What about cd key being used issue. It’s Almost been 24 hours I cannot even log onto battle net


Hi Matthew! This problem is not since yeterday but since a Month , its just yesterday it get worse with the diablo II ladder reset! Thanks for your update anyway!

Thanks for the update and reassurance.

They’re not going to spend 2 weeks of labor resetting the entire server again because some folks missed out on a few hrs of gameplay.

“You were disconnected from Battlenet, please try again”
“Battlenet is not responding, please try connecting again in a few minutes”

What do these mean?

Then they can delete the ladder! How this is a fair competition with people not allowed to play for 20+ hours?

Updated Warning.

Players might be kicked off within the next 5-10minutes while we restart the servers and get this fix in. Communication in game for EU will be starting first.


I just lost my HC character because of it…thanks blizz :frowning:

Why you are playing HC, if everybody knows about problems since ladder reset? oO


I had no problems until now. Plus I never played anything else. I will endure and start over. literally not even over my dead hc body will I play sc


An ETA is always a good thing

Bring the percentage of players hitting Failed to Join and such much lower.

So the problem will still exist for some?

It can take 15 seconds to make a game here, so I’m glad it’s being looked at :slight_smile:

can you let us know when you’ve restarted the useast servers? thanks.

To anyone having problems with:
CD Key already in use

Go to Task Manager and End all Diablo II tasks, start the game and see if it works.

Worked for me when I had the problem!


Thanks for the update. I suppose one good thing about not being able to play is that I got to take a weekend nap. :slight_smile:

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yes, i would like to know also.

Matthew has this been applied to useast yet??