SC:BW:Remastered Ladder and etc;

I keep encountering laggy Korean smurfs and maphackers and quitters all day. I feel like you should get rid of ranked if it is going to be this 12446346467 and IIIIIIIIIII and |||||||||||| gamers all day. Literally even call people out on their hacking and they sometimes have the slightest decency to ragequit. They will comsat if Terran; AFTER they already sent units. It’s ridiculous. Some of the maphacking seems to detect where your screen is pointed because like 80% of maphacker scans are right where you’re looking at one of your own randomized remote outposts. The maps don’t make maphacking easy to ‘catch’ for your teams either. ‘I can’t believe you would let this happen’ isn’t quite true, as I expect Blizzard’s business practices to be as good as their treatment of Taiwan…

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