Screen flashing/flickering

Since Thursday night my screen has been constantly flashing/flickering. It looks like lightning bolts. If other people stand beside me their screen flashes too but not everyone. Also other people in my clan reported it too in various situations ( BG, fishing, etc…). The problem is ongoing on my phone and PC.

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Are you playing a Monk with Mystic Strike?

I have noticed visual fractal glitch on pc when monk is close by from time to time. Doesn’t happen very often.

Open Beta PC version, high end PC.

Just started a new monk with no skills and screen flickers like crazy with the triangle outlines flashing non-stop. Only monk, not using skills, just starting campaign. Other new character classes are fine. Go figure.

PS: Graphics settings have no impact.

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Seems to occur when monk is nearby. May be related to monk skill “mystic strike.” Doesn’t occur if monk doesn’t have that skill. Win10 Pro 22H2, Nivida 1070 driver

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