SCR Driver out of Date, But it isn't

So after the SCR update it seems many of us cannot play SCR because we get an issue stating the driver is out of date, and needs to be updated. I find this very odd because I can load up SC2 no problem, I have uninstalled, I have restarted my computer, I even tried to download drivers, but my pc won’t allow it because my drivers are up to date!!! I don’t know if this is some sort of sick joke? I was playing the game just fine before the patch, so this has to be an issue on your end, because if I can get all blizzard games to work, why can’t a game from the late 90’s not? Fix it!!! I love SCR lot’s of us do, this is really in raging if I might add, thanks.

Also want to add I can play on the public test servers, but not the actual game.

bro I have the same problem, this is ridiculous…

I have the same problem.

Hey folks,

There was a bug introduced recently which has been fixed. If you’re still having problems please check out this post for instructions.