Scoreboard in Coop

Since the season 3 download came out the scoreboard in coop no longer works. Kill numbers and other stats cannot be viewed while playing a mission. These are critical for daily goals and other things. Works fine in Multiplayer, just not working in coop. Can we get this fixed asap please? Tried repair twice and that fixes nothing. MW is fine except this glitch. Along with this and again only in coop since season 3 download game freezes when a mission is completed or all die. No option comes up to replay due to freeze, you go to main screen after about 30 seconds of freeze.

Hey Pappy82nd,

The CoD games all belong to Activision. Blizzard’s only involvment is the store, installation and patching. Everything else (in-game issues, crashes, etc) falls to Activision. You can find their forums here.

Thank you for the response, will go there and see what I can find out.