SCII_Update (BLZBNTAGT0000084B)

(Can’t access the folder. Usually the reason is that your account does not have administrator rights.
Error code: BLZBNTAGT0000084B)
This is my problem. I carried out the activities according to the instructions, but did not help. The question is, what did you pick at yourself?


This worked for me

Go into your Documents\Starcraft II folder and change Owner of the folder… Right Click folder Starcraft II>Security>Advanced>Owner: Change>Advanced>Find Now> Pick your Computer/User Name… This folder is inside MyDocuments not inside the Program Folder


Thank you! I got the same problem 2 days ago as Compadre. Your advice helped me.

Thanks, it also helped me with Heroes of the storm.

omg i was going crazy! didnt know how they manage to change the owner of a folder in my document out of nowhere…

fixed it , can reinstall the game now

Thanks, this fix worked for me.

Sadly, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling SC2 before I saw your response.

Now I can’t even install SC2.

Holy crap ok this works even AFTER I uninstalled SC2. Documents/SC2 folder stayed so I was able to fix this.