SC2 Remove the Fog, Unexplored Area

Maybe Blizzard is working on this, maybe it is already fixed but, as it is problem since SC1…

Bad players use the called maphack, trojans and other technologies to observe what the player is building and planning, the video… In other words while a player must explore all the map, the other see it like a Enlighted area. Not Fair.

So to remove that security issue why not to remove the unseen of map and reveal the entire map since the beginning the game? Without the necessity to explore it with a unit or building vision.

It would continue to look like any other Sport.
We also compete by APM so what is the matter to observe what the other player is doing? >>IF << he can also dot with you.

The problem today is : sometimes one player can see and the other not.

The micro would also be more funny I think. Could be optional next game versions.