SC2 League API returns error 404 for Season 49

Since the start of season 49 the SC2 League API returns error 404 for regions eu, us and kr:

All of these return:
{ "code": 404, "type": "BLZWEBAPI00000404", "detail": "Not Found" }

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Hi Everyone, has there been any change yet?

No response from Blizzard as of yet I’m afraid…

It’s 2022. Please help fix the problem Blizzard! @Drakhalno-1121 @Korakk-1142 @Maguthul-11152

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The situation is sitll the same for season 50. Also almost no endpoint is working for region US (error 503 is returned to ~80% of endpoints).
@Blizzard: do you completely not care any more? If so you might as well not have this API bug report forum. What’s the point of having that? We report issues and no one seems to care. No respornse or any action to fix the apis has been taken for months (for some other reported bugs even more than an year). As part of sc2 comunity that still cares about the game I feel sad.