SC2 API Ladder Summary returns partially incomplete data

Hi! I am developing an application that reads data from the SC2 api.
When I try to get the ladderId for the account (which I am using to make subsequent requests, for example to get the MMR), only 3 detailed entries appear on the response object, as “showCaseEntries” (I am querying “/sc2/profile/:regionId/:realmId/:profileId/ladder/summary”). The rest of ladder memberships just show ladderId, localizedGameMode, and rank. I need to access the race of the membership in order to get the adequate ladderId.

Since it is the only way I found to get the MMR of a player (getting his LadderId and then querying “/sc2/profile/:regionId/:realmId/:profileId/ladder/:ladderId” to get the MMR, it is quite critical for my app.

Thanks, I look forward to know more about this issue :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out? Msg me on discord Rairden#8929 to talk about it. It’s a problem I spent a lot of time thinking about.

I’ve noticed that if they haven’t played the “1 placement match” for the season, then showCaseEntries will not list “localizedGameMode”: “1v1” along with their favorite race and ladderID.