SC2 API - how to determine if replay is unranked?

My app is using this library: github icza/s2prot

A game can be one of four types (ranked, unranked, custom, AI).

That library decodes the replay and spits out this:

"gameOptions": {
	"advancedSharedControl": false,
	"amm": true,
	"battleNet": true,
	"buildCoachEnabled": false,
	"clientDebugFlags": 265,
	"competitive": true,
	"cooperative": false,
	"fog": 0,
	"heroDuplicatesAllowed": true,
	"lockTeams": true,
	"noVictoryOrDefeat": false,
	"observers": 0,
	"practice": false,
	"randomRaces": false,
	"teamsTogether": false,
	"userDifficulty": 0

So ranked/unranked are 100% identical. And custom/AI are both 100% identical.

The only difference is in the fields “amm” and “competitive”.

I thought about using the SC2 web server: localhost:6119/ui

But I don’t think it’s possible to determine if the game just played was ranked for me. The response shows what screens are showing (nav screen, replay screen, etc). If there was a way to tell if the “ladder” button is greyed out that would help.

I searched the sc2replaystats discord and he uses sc2reader which is a different library to decode replays. All their conversations there say there’s no way to determine from the replay file if it’s an unranked game.