SC Remastered Latest Patch Breaking Things

The most recent patch for SC Remastered has broken at least two things: SCM Draft 2 will no longer load and the chat function is irritatingly broken in channels and games requiring you to scroll down manually to see the newest messages sent. Please fix.

Edit: There’s also a weird message that appears in some Asian language at the topic of the screen, I saw the problem described on Team Liquid, it’s apparently some warning about playing the game for too long and not getting rewards after a certain time period. Doesn’t seem like this message should be showing up in the English version of SC, at least put it in English if it’s going to be there. A friend reported that closing out of SC while that message is up causes a glitch where SC freezes and can’t be reopened.

The forum for SC Remastered is here:

Thanks, didn’t notice that, will crosspost.