Same Headgear over and over

The last 5 Head Legendaries I’ve received were Frozen Guardian’s Sight for Demon Hunter. I have 5 Headgear to yet receive yet I keep getting the same one with the same stats about 40 levels lower than my current level.

Not a bug… thats how rng works… quit whining.

Hahaha. Ok trollboy… glad you’re here to reply like a douche on everyone’s posts

You may think that… but the answers I give are accurate…

Sorry about your luck… ang again, quit whining. This is a bug report forum, not a cry about not getting what you want forum.

There is no bug here to be reported.


It’s actually not; read the post again, but hey, good thing we have you around to set us all straight.

You do know what rng is dont you? Things can roll quite low… hence the R, for random. Wait until you get further and dont get any upgrades for days or more.

Now ill ask the obvious, but youre a super smart guy…

Have you kept up with challenge rifts?