Russian premade groups in battlegrounds

hat russian servers can premake groups for battlegrounds is not fair. Make this unjustice stop! They are ruining the pvp battleground gameplay for alot of us in classic tbc! And how you, blizzard, can enable this by letting them is not okay! Eather let them battle other russian players, or spread them on the europeen servers so they cant make a premade like this.

Sinserly a pvp player who had enought!

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yeah this s*** is f****** unfair. How in h*** is this happening?? Winning a bg sometimes is impossible. This morning i feel like all I get is russian premades who always i mean EVERY TIME they leave a TANK to protect their flag alone. I feel like iā€™m being s*** on the head because of this. They always seem to have a plan & voicechat which is unfair for bg I swear. These premade groups should not be allowed to run random battlegrounds