Runes and ruins

Can’t finish this contract. Doesn’t let me give the silver piece to the runes master. Have to abandon contract every time. And I get this contract almost everyday now.

The hand-in requires that you have some of the pre-Hell-6 scraps. If you don’t have any, go back to Westmarch, set the game to Hell 4, go open world, kill some mobs, get some white / blue items, salvage them at the blacksmith to get the old scraps, back to Westmarch and reset your difficulty, go hand in the quest.

This is something Blizzard overlooked when they introduced the new material types. The quest should accept the use of either level of scraps, but they forgot to make the new scraps count for completion. Patching is happening tomorrow, so let’s see if they fix the underlying issue with that.

So, select Solo contracts rather than Dungeon ones, or use the advice above.