Rune word restrictions for single player -obselete rule

Does anyone else feel that it is absurd to put any rune word restrictions on single player games? It’s not as if we pay a subscription to play D2 then it would make sense to punish single players. Single players save wear and tear and space for the online servers. Shouldn’t that be encouraged and rewarded? Please Blizzard consider this option.

Original rune words work in sp and you can find eth fools/cruels and gg rears

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Still plenty of OP runewords are in single player.

Forces you to find alternatives instead of slapping tal thul ort Amn on a sword/shield and make a 800+ dmg merc polearm with ral tir tal sol…

Tbh I like it better this way

Wouldn’t you enjoy playing online with other players more? Online you get those rune words unlocked, and there’s even a ladder. Albeit the ladder is dominated by bots, the online experience is actually really good with the right people.

I understand the issues with “key in use” and being IP banned. I’m sure it will be fixed in time (maybe) but if you’re able to play it’s not bad at all, just avoid bots and such.

rather play online? with lag?and 15min que before u can make a match yeah sure buddy sign me up!!!


You haven’t heard of PlugY…c’mon man.

ConanTheBarb, That’s nice we both have our own opinion. The difference is my way we both get to have our way and like I said what does Blizz get from basically punishing single players. What do they gain from us playing online?

I wrote a whole entire reply, but it boils down to this: Blizzard likely won’t add it. There are plenty of mods for single player. I personally have not had any issues with queue’s or lag so I guess I speak for myself here? If I had to guess the issue is more complicated for people who play the game 24/7 365.

I don’t think that having every version play the same is a good idea. Single is single and open is open and ladder is ladder. Just enjoy what is there.

If you want ladder only runewords in singleplayer, Google “diablo 2 direct txt ladder runeword singleplayer”.