RTS GAME IDEA (Starcraft 3?)

OK, Imagine Starcaft With Worlds and Space all interacting Simultaneously.
With All 3 Factions Fighting All at once. For Complete Control of the galaxy or in example to current loaded game; winner takes all.

TWO SEPERATE STATES OF WAR (20-100 Players per game)
-Possibly implement A.I. Vs A.I. In Places players left idle or uncontrolled
(Players can swap back and forth between the two by switching from a space
commander to a Planetary commander at will with Both Players accepting the switch
request within their factions in Real time. In Accordance to their location on the planet
or In Space and their needs to be a certain amount of Space ships and/or Structures to
trigger the option to switch)

~PLANETARY SIDE~ ( Multiple Planets )
First you have the worlds which are fully encompassed with let us say Ranked Starcraft Maps. Linking a Few Maps 2-6 times together at certain choke points and other locations on the planet that are cut off and singular. The three Factions would work together Like Archon Mode with a set amount of Players on the Planet(s) fighting for control as their designated faction. Certain locations would simply be cut off and a fight would ensue to control that sector on the planet. Others would be Linked or chained together via chokepoints or terrain connected let us say ranked starcraft Maps at 2-6 Map Intervals.

Completion of Maps and Victory of sectors would lock the Area for said Faction.
Continuously Spawning/Producing Spaceships/Fleets into the Galaxy to add to the Space Commanders arsenals into the Galactic Side.
(With a Possible option for the Space Fleets to Maybe be able to knock out the base via
Spaceships or Nukes or Invasion forces Etc, Just a possibility if balance issues can be
(Or Just make the Planetary sections Lock for the faction that won the Map or Area on
the Planet and keep producing ships into the Galactic War until it is Won.


Ships Will Fly Around the Galaxy from Orbit To Orbit or From Deep Space to Orbit with Satellites, Space Stations/Checkpoints and Bases In Space Constantly being contested and fought over. Produce enough ships similar to a Battle Arena or StarBattle Arcade Mode with Significant Overpowering Via Planetary Ship/Fleet Production or Checkpoint Control, Satellite Control and Space Base Control. Adding More ships, Bonuses or Upgrades to Units. With the Ability to Purchase Upgrades and Different ships or tech up with Currency or Points accumulated via Planetary Control or kills and Captures.

Galactic Battles are Sectioned off between Planetary Orbits Space Locations and Deep Space. With the Distance between planets and orbits and speed of ships/Fleets Corresponding to the Game Unfolding on land and in Space in real time. So it feels like the game is constantly moving. With the ability to abandon said objective or space location and join another war front or orbit with space travel correctly balanced to feel the impact of leaving an objective or location or orbit and it scales well.
Possibly allow Hero ships/Fleets and Heroes on Planetary sides.
(With A.I. in a Constant Tug of War in places uncontrolled by players and some
overpowering others in locations where their Ship count/Resources/Production out
weigh the others via Player contributions / Objective captures or Plant Control)

Possibly make each player a Hero type like Co-Op Missions in Starcraft 2. With their Abilities and skills on timers and cooldowns to help speed up locations and capturing of space stations checkpoints space Bases and Planetary Bases and Map Locations with their talents or skills. Their Skills and things differ from Planet side to galactic Side.
So you simply Pick your Hero que up and get matched into the game selecting a famous Stracraft hero Preserving its Lore and entering their said faction as them

SO 4-20 PLANETS In a Constant Tug of War Battle Area Style Play with A.I. and Players pitting against each other for Control of Planets and Sectors and Orbits and Dead Space. Going on all at the same time in a climatic War ongoing until one Faction either Controls all Planets or All Space or Both in An Archon style play in sectors that are largely chained together

IT WAS ALL A DREAM (I Know it is Complex) :us:
I know it seems a little over reaching but this type of Game could completely change the way we play RTS Games and could even be The BEST GAME EVER MADE

-ENDER a.k.a Jesse James

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