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I left clan moments after and tried again it seems I have given my signets to old clan and now I’m stuck without a signer to join shadow and now I can’t play lottery to gain new one so I have joined a new clan in hopes that will solve it, there seems to be a lot of controversy over this there anyway to make this a lot more transparent to the newer players?

Were you not able to respond to your original thread?

There are two scenarios when giving signets away:

  • First is the individual route (not in a clan). Here, you give one signet to the Patron and you are made a shadow on the spot.
  • Second is the clan route (in a clan). Here you give both signets to the clan. However, you don’t become a shadow yet. You need to wait until 30 signets are given and the clan leader must manually convert the clan into a shadow clan. If either one of those don’t happen, you won’t become a shadow.

So, if you rejoined a clan, even if you reset the quests for the signets, you still need to wait for the two steps to complete (reach 30 and clan conversion).

If you leave the clan, you can go the individual route. All that’s needed is to reset the quest that gives you the signets.

If you want do that, over on the left side of the screen where the quests are, click on the little magnifying glass icon next to the quest. In the window that opens, click the grayed out “Join” button and that should reset the quest for you.

I can sympathize. It’s not overtly clear how the signet system works in the game.

First is the individual route (not in a clan). Here, you give one signet to the Patron and you are made a shadow on the spot.

I am trying this, but patron has no option to hand in signet, got 2.

He is asking to present akebas signet ,but there is not option to hand in. Only turn off lotto notification, or Akebas memory.

Yeah, so there is a bit of a quirk in this case.

There might be two Patrons. One outside in the tavern, and one inside in the assembly hall.

Check to see if there is a Patron in the assembly hall. He’s the one that you turn the signets in to.

By chance, did you choose to skip the intro shadow quests?

Can’t get into the assembly hall, says I need to be a full shadow.
I didnt even get the gathering shadow quest, the patron in the tavern won’t start it nor can I enter the lottery.
I had 2 akebas signates from last time I was shadow.

Is there was way in reset this?

Over on the right of the screen, is there any quest related to be coming a shadow?

No quest to become shadow.

If during the lottery hours there’s no option to join, and the Patron is asking for signets but there is no option to give them, then you are in a situation I haven’t come across yet.

I can only speculate that because you have signets in your inventory, it’s confusing the system making it think you’ve completed the shadow questline.

Yep waited for lotto to start, no option to join.
Any way to delete the signets and start over?

Update… sombody invited me to shadow, gathering shadow quest started straight away and seems to all good now.

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