Right so, no warning, we just ban you with no regard for your innocence

I bought a VPN, yknow, for netflix and whatever else bs. Then I’m like hey, I bought DIablo 2 a while ago and it’s been a while since I played it. I’d love to go online with it again! Lemme go log in, oh what’s that? Because my vpn was up and nobody told me about these rules, I’m now banned for 2 weeks? Wow! How cool, Blizzard! You guys know how it’s done! :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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Yeah, it sucks when legits get punished for something they don’t know about. Here’s some background on why Blizzard restricts for VPN use:

Imaging playing a public game with available slots, the game would have been constantly joined and left by bots spamming a wall of advertising text on your screen.

The other scenario is if you were a trader and joined any of the trade channels, your account would be constantly whispered messages making it very hard to read anything.

It was a very annoying problem for players. Restricting for VPN usage was the key to stopping them. Just try and make sure that your VPN is turned off whenever you play Diablo 2.

If you’re crafty with batch scripts, I have a basic guide that you can use to tailor a script for your specific setup…


Jedi is right. Ladder resets were riddled into meaningless events nobody participated in anymore because of a slightly… multi-faceted issue exacerbated by spam bots.

Open games can be glitched full, which has been a prevalent bug since the release of the game. (IDK what causes it). Anyway, lvl 1 spam bots would join your game, spam your screen with item vendors websites, then s.e, by the dozens. Almost immediately it would stop, indicating nobody can join your game because it is now glitched full (D2 thinks game is full, but it rly isnt. Even a friend wouldn’t be able to join it).

That’s just 1 problem of many we were faced with, that frankly. Everyone was overwhelmed with joy once we noticed it was solved!

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Yes, all public games were instantly bugged full from hordes of level 1 spam bots advertising item sites. Of course the solution to this was to ban any connection from vpn.

Oh wait, imagine just banning the login credentials (cdkeys) of the offenders. Then masses of legit players would still be arbitrarily banned by other invisible/undocumented protocols implemented by sociopaths who hate Diablo II players. Incredible decision making.

dude you cant blame blizzard for that read up on how not to get restricted vpns are the most common cause even scrolling with your mouse can get a temp ban depending on how busy the server is .the purpose of this is to prevent servers from crashing not to punish [
(so says Buzzard and it still sucks)

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Oh man that batch script will be needed when I get off temp ban.