Reviving Heroes of the Storm is important

I’m a HotS fan and I realy like it very much, this game needs to be revived and it would be the best MOBA,I think MOBAs are the most played games now, it will be very good for blizzard if they revived HotS, the game needs new characters skins events and it will be on the top.
Please, revive HotS

As a 5 year player, I second this. I think that considering the idea that Hots was built on (A “universe of universes”) any sort of idea that Microsoft may have to add more content from their side to Hots could end up as a great expansion i.e Hots 3.0. The publicity of such a big company could only be a good sign!

Obviously nothing will happen before the Microsoft deal is complete, but we live in hope for hearing some good news in 2023.