Returned warband stash items still warband bound - unusable

i just received several items i had contributed to the warband stash due to minimum item lvl having increased above their lvl, but they are still warband items, and i cannot equip them, because they are not in the warband stash anymore.

previously, warband stash items i received back became regular non-warband items, which i then was able to wear. i tried several times with the warband leader, decreasing the min lvl, returning the items to stash, then increasing the min lvl again and receiving them again, but they remain warband items which i then cannot equip (nor return, if the min stash lvl remains above their lvl) anymore. the same when i left the warband for a minute in order to receive contributed items (they still had the warband symbol) and re-joined again.

i would really like to equip 2-3 of them, since they are huge upgrades vs my current items, any way to make them non-warband or is this a bug (likely, since as mentioned earlier, in the past i used to receive warband stash items and they became non-warband)?


note: i actually used to borrow one of these items that i contributed to the stash myself, and now it being in my inventory, but unequippable, i am some 250 combat rating below what i used to be until yesterday… :face_with_spiral_eyes: pls fix asap