Retrieving Details


For the past 2 days, my social tab in the BNet desktop client keeps showing the message Retrieving Details… Instead of my battletag name & it shows the same thing instead of some of my friends battletags too.

Now, i’ve followed every single step to troubleshoot this annoying issue, from uninstalling the desktop app to deleting related folders and clearing the cache, reinstalling it, and it still happens. I am forced to completely exit the client to get rid of it, and still it comes back.

The final thing that i did was i removed everything Blizzard related, i uninstalled every single game that i have and did the same again for like the 7th time with the desktop app, and reinstalled everything from scratch. Still the same.

With that being said, i got the the point of being sure that it’s nothing from my side, but from your side Blizzard :frowning:

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you :heart:

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I have the same issue when using VPN (NordVPN). It seems to be working fine after disabling VPN.

I am having the similar thing for example if I launch Wow or Wow Classic and decide to play Destiny 2 I will get a “you need you be logged into Battle Net to play this gam” I restart the Battle Net Client then it is usually fine.

Also having this issue. If I relog it will briefly allow me to launch Hearthstone before it happens again, but eventually it always happens. Oddly enough if I log into WoW, I can then launch Hearthstone only while I am online in WoW, but it will again grey out and say “This game requires you to log in to Battle dot net in order to play.”

And yeah, myself and sometimes friends, but not all friends, appear as “Retrieving details…”

Thanks for your reports! It’s possible this is related to an account level issue. A password reset should help clear left over account data and run the Blizzard Application as Admin manually.

[Edited] We’re seeing several reports for this and suspect this may be an issue with the Blizzard Application that our development team will need to look into.

If you continue to run into this issue after a full reinstall of the Blizzard Application, reporting this to our Bug Report forums so our team can investigate this. Your reports are greatly appreciated!

Yep, i did every single troubleshooting steps there is to try and solve this, but nope, nothing works.

I posted about it per your request in the Bug Report Forums and linked this hread in there.

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Same problem. I tried everything I read, but it isn’t working. My friend list is still in “retrieving details” mode.
Also, I can’t switch to online, busy etc. status and I’m locked to Invisible.

Getting this too. Can’t see anyone on my friend list on any of my accounts, not in-game in overwatch or on the app.

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Did every single step I could find and scour on the web. Still having issues, extremely troubling when trying to talk to any friends or play with them in overwatch or destiny.

Same issue here and I tried all suggested steps

For the past 2 days this issue stopped for me, i no longer suffer from it.

Today, when I logged into the BattleNet desktop app, I was showing as offline. I didn’t have an avatar either, and friends list had nobody on it. I could go into a game normally but I can’t play with friends or anything

Logging out and back in, restarting it or going to Beta didn’t work. Neither did switching the region.

In game, the friends list is grey and no one shows as online, I can’t even see any names.

I checked my region when logging out and back in, it’s set up as EU as always.
Now, when I check the friends list, instead of saying “0”, it says "retrieving details, though on the app itself, still says 0.

Now it keeps kicking me out with error code “buffalo”


Happened to me too, only a few friends showing up, and cannot play with friend even though I know they are online, cannot even see them online or talk to them.

In the process of writing this comment my issue with this resolved, it was very odd and I had one particular friend who could occasionally see me but I couldn’t see him, sometimes my friends list would show everyone else and sometimes not. After trying everything I could think of it didn’t improve until randomly just now…

edit: However that one friend still doesn’t appear in game even though they do in, and we only ever see each other as online and not in games. I wonder if this is separate or related to the stuck offline bug that happened at the same time?

Hey me and my friends had the same issue just few mins ago but it seems to work somehow now. I can´t see any friends in my friendlist but the game is running RN and we are in a party together.

I’m have this issue my friends can log into my account and see eachother but if i log in i have zero friends and im offline to every on… another reason steam is more enjoyable platform…

This is the direct link for bug reporting the issue to our team, here, to help us consolidate reports for the Offline/Retrieving Details reports.

With all the reports we have received, as well as some confirmation on our end that we’ve seen with a few people in our office with the same issue, the issue is appearing more as a bug rather than a technical issue.

I’ll provide any consistent workarounds when available, but in the mean time, please continue to try relogging, restarting the application, and restarting the PC. These have been a hit or miss workaround, but may temporarily work around the issue until a more solid workaround or resolution is available.

Thank you all for the continued reports!