Retiring the Authenticator App is a Mistake

Authenticators are SUPPOSED to be lightweight, secure, and simple. This is how they function best - any additional feature you add reduces the security of the system as a whole. By merging the authenticator into a bulky, awkward, multi-function app, you’re not only annoying people who don’t WANT a bulky app - you’re reducing the overall security of the entire system.

I’ve always had so much respect for the fact that you guys did your best to promote authenticators and not try to monetize them. It was one of those things that never got mentioned, but was always very much appreciated. Don’t ruin that.

I know you guys employ IS professionals - I know you do. Stop ignoring them. I bet you that, in their private conversations, they’re shaking their heads at how stupid this idea is. Don’t let execs meddle in security - listen to your IS team. This is a mistake.

Please reconsider this awful, awful decision.

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